24option is among the most popular binary brokers, where one can invest reliably without any risk of fraud. Their popularity is due to the fact that 24option is a proactive broker that offers many cash prizes to its traders on a regular basis. Some binary options brokers are just a scam where 24option is among the list of brokers which are considered to be highly respected and trusted. 24option is under the management of a different holding company. 24option is regulated and licensed by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CYSEC) under the licensed number: 207/13.


Traders always prefer to join websites that offer 100% bonus and 24options is one of them. They have a perfect bonus system, let us say you deposit $250 then you will receive a $250 bonus. So you will have $500 in your trading account.

How to use get the bonus

24option does not use bonus code. You just have to open an account to avail the bonus offer which will be acquired by contacting the customer support.

24option Withdrawal

There are several websites where you may face withdrawal issues. When it comes to depositing money, all brokers like that but when it comes to withdrawing your money, many brokers cause issues. In 24option you don’t have to worry about their withdrawal policy. At 24option there is no limit for how much you want to withdraw (some brokers do limit).

Trade Types

There are four main types of trade markets offered by 24option. These include

•    High/Low
•    One Touch
•    Boundary
•    Short Term


Trading Account

Opening a trading account at 24option is very easy. You just need to make a minimum deposit of $250. There are three different types of trading accounts offered by 24option which are Standard accounts, Gold accounts and Platinum accounts respectively.

Payout Ratios

Rate of return offered by 24option is one of the highest in the industry with a maximum payout of 85% for in the money trades.


optionbit-icon-1-853274125OptionBit is an option trading platform located in Nicosia, Cyprus, launched in 2010. The site claims that payouts can be as high as 81% which is quite impressive by any standards.

On the flipside, this firm does not offer a refund on losses.  A minimum deposit of $200 and a minimum trade amount of $10 means that almost any trader can get into the game in search of profits.

Like many other brokerage firms, the OptionBit platform was engineered using technology from the software company Tradologic. Clients that have traded at other brokerages that use this technology should feel right at home and will experience a quick learning curve.


The trade options offered by the platform are typical of the industry for the most part. These include One-Touch in which a prediction is made whether the asset will “touch” a specific point. Next, Digital simply predicts an asset’s price fall or rise. 60 Seconds is a quick trade of one, two, or five minutes. Touch works by predicting whether the asset will go below or above a starting point. Range bets whether or not the asset will remain in or out of predetermined price brackets. Finally, the Turbo option is like a marriage of Digital and 60 Seconds.

This platform includes two risk management tools. First, the Close Now tool allows a winning trader to close the trade prior to the expiry time. Secondly, the Extend tool defers the end of the trade to the next available expiry.

New to the Optionbit platform is a feature called Algobit. This is a proprietary technology-based algorithm which continually scans the asset markets. It then periodically posts a signal to traders when a trade seems right to make. The company boasts a proven record of 99% accuracy in trend prognostication.


Asset types include currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. The trading education resources are quite comprehensive from basic to advanced topics. Mobile apps are available for both Apple and Android devices.  Unlike many other companies, Optionbit does accept traders from the U.S.


Stock trading is nothing new; it’s been around as long as companies have sought additional funding for everything from start-ups to expanding current operations. What has changed is the methods with which trading is conducted.

The business of trading used to be conducted in a fairly closed environment; clients simply watched the ticker-tape, read the financial columns of the newspapers, and instructed their brokers as to what their wishes were via telephone. But as soon as the Internet came along the old way of doing business began to change rapidly. Individuals can now do their own instantaneous research and have their brokers place orders within minutes or the next “trading window.”

This evolution of technology has been leveraged to open many new ways to trade. For a while day-trading was the new big thing. Fortunes were made and fortunes were lost. But time marches on and one of the hot topics today is binary options trading.

The first step is to find a Broker that suits your trading style and needs. We recommend the following;





So what is binary options trading? The title itself is descriptive; you might recall that the computer science term binary means that only two characters are possible, zeroes and ones. Likewise, with this type of trading, only two outcomes are possible.  In other words, this is an all or nothing form of trading. The pay-out is known in advance and the trader makes his prediction as to where the asset will go within an expiry time for trades which can be anywhere from 60 seconds to 150 days. If the prediction is correct, score! If not, try again.


Given that, the important thing to note is that with binary trading money can be made in all financial climates. It doesn’t matter whether the market is up or down, bearish or bullish, only what the projected trend will prove to play out.

So how can an investor get started? The first thing to do is dig in and research and find a broker that specializes in binary options. Many brokers may claim to be the “go-to” firm for this type of investment, but due to the nature of this type of trading it is important to find someone that really concentrates on short-term movements in the market, not someone that has a focus on a buy-and-hold type of investment philosophy.

When the broker who is continuously monitoring the market sees a potential movement, he sends his premium clients a “trading signal.” The investor now determines whether or not to make a move on the opportunity. Binary options are based on moment to moment decisions.

A variation of managing this type of trading that proves convenient is the “in/out or boundary trade” type of market order. In this scenario, the investor acknowledges two strike prices which form the upper and the lower price boundaries. You might hear these referred to as a ceiling and a floor.


Most investors will want to know what kind of investments they can trade in. For example, when investing in drip funds, the corporations themselves must opt-in in order to participate; many do not like to sell partial shares because they are not that eager for additional financing. But in the case of binary options trading, these restrictions are not so restrictive. Conventional stocks are commonplace although many are only available depending on locale. In other words, a broker may only handle stocks of companies in his geographical areas although almost all will deal with global stocks such as Coca Cola.


Index funds, as usual, are some of the safest funds to invest in since they spread the risk over the entire sector of the market rather than relying one company or industry. Currencies are also popular trades. Currencies can pose a challenge because they are constantly in flux. Also, the juxtapositions of so many national currencies against others are so numerous that the investor’s locale comes into play if his investing style is more local rather than global. But the savvy investor that pays attention to this market on a day-to-day basis stands to profit.


For more speculative investors, commodities are an interesting area to investigate.  For example metals such as gold and silver are always in the news and due to their volatility are very well suited to this investment paradigm.  Crude oil and natural gas are other good examples of good candidates for binary options trading. Energy prices are very susceptible to supply and demand, political conditions at both the supply and refining points, and constantly-changing laws. Being able to follow and predict these volatile conditions can lead to a healthy paycheck.

To have success, every investor needs a workable strategy. A simple internet search will bring up several strategies that investors are using but the interesting ones are always sold for money instead of being available free.You can try your luck with the free strategies but real working ones are not available for free. If you spend some time on searching the internet, you will be able to find some legitimate binary options strategies for reasonable price.

But NOTE: before buying any binary options strategy, make sure the seller doesn’t ask you to join any specific broker because such sellers are most probably selling non-sense stuff.

Binary options trading is not for every investor but every investor should take a look at it. In today’s  market no opportunity should be ignored, especially when the chance to make a quick profit rather than a long-range profit is possible. After all, those quick turn-around profits are often what funds the buy-and-hold type of investments.


onetwotrade-icon-1-55566632541Up and Down Marketing Limited, a binary options brokerage of Malta, owns the OneTwoTrade brand which operates out of London. So as it works out, OneTwoTrade  is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

According to their webpage, their software platform is independently designed and coded rather than using existing commercial packages (although on another page they state, “Our customers have voted us the world’s number one SmartOption trading platform time and time again.” There is no doubt that that the independent approach is superior to off-the-shelf-products, given that the financial resources are there, but they don’t really give any explanation of functionality or screenshots so a prospective client doesn’t really know what to expect.

In the assets department, the selection of stocks is impressive; the site lists 142 international stocks, 50 currency pairs, 11 commodities, and 54 indices. Although their webpage does not go to the trouble to list what kind of trades are available with OneTwoTrade, an outside source says that they are a bit thin in that department compared to the competition. According to that source, they offer just two trading methods.

The first is the Over/Down binary option. This is designed to yield a successful payout from between 65% and 85%. On unsuccessful predictions, a 10% refund is in order. The next option offered is the 60 Seconds option. In essence, this is the same trade method as the Over/Down; the only difference being that the expiry is always 60 seconds.

At first glance at the OneTwoTrade site there seems to be only one type of account, but digging deeper reveals the Privilege, an exclusive VIP trading membership. No details are given about how to enroll but the privileges are spelled out. First, access to a senior account manager will be available for assistance 24/7.

Also, receive first access to new roll-out features as well as special promotions. Trading limits expand, payout rates will be elevated to preferential, and invitations to special events are included.

In addition to all the benefits above, Privilege Plus members will be offered complimentary flights to London to meet the Chief Executive Officer and will receive an iPhone 5 or iPad with the OneTwoTrade app pre-installed for powerful, mobile trading.


lbinary-icon-1-2563254LBinary is a binary options trading broker and is a brand of Targaryen Holdings Limited. Like many other brokerages it is based in Cyprus. The staff consists of professionals with extensive experience in trading FOREX, derivatives, and a variety of stocks. They also have specialists on staff that specialize in risk management, e-commerce, and payment processing.

The trading platform itself is based on the robust and popular SpotOption technology. Secure mobile connectivity to the platform is available with the downloadable Apple IOS and Android apps. Specifically, the mobile apps allow traders to log into their accounts, monitor all open options, monitor the markets in general, and make trades on the fly.

As far as assets are concerned, all the commodities are precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. The standard currencies are the EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, and many more. The indices include the DOW, NASDAQ, and the FTSE 100. There are too many supported stocks to mention here but rest assured that the line-up includes all the major ones you would expect. Likewise, the pairs are numerous.

The binary options trades include Option Builder, One Touch, 60 Second, and Open Platform. One interesting software feature is what LBinary calls Social Trading or “iFollow”. Basically, this screen lists the details of the last five top trades and allows you to “follow” those successful traders. This is potentially a great tool for both experienced and new traders to watch how financial success has been achieved.

The preferred way to both deposit money to, and withdraw money from, an account, is by credit or debit card. Most major cards are accepted. It is also possible to transfer money between accounts. The policy for withdrawing funds states, “Using a credit or debit card your account will take a few days for authorization.” This non-committing language is obviously for their protection, but might be enough to drive high-volume traders away.


traderush-icon-1-417255454A large percentage of Gibraltar’s economy is based on online gaming and financial services, second and third only to tourism. This monetary business atmosphere made it a natural choice for the TradeRush binary option brokerage to establish itself there in 2011. It has been growing its client base quickly since then.

Like so many other brokerages it uses the SpotOption trading platform. One reason this platform is so popular is because it is very robust and easy to navigate through. It supports all the trading options that are so popular now; 60 second, High/Low, One Touch, Option Builder, and Option Pro.

One very helpful feature of the platform is the “Market Review” tab. Clicking it will reveal a drop-down list with links to three pages; Daily Market Reviews, Weekly Market Reviews , and Monthly Market Reviews. Staying current can only help a trader’s chance of success.

As far as assets go, TradeRush offers approximately four dozen international stocks. It covers the entire range of currencies that would be expected from a comprehensive brokerage.  On the commodities side, there is a lot on the table. All the precious metals are there, plus sugar, coffee, cotton, wheat and light sweet crude oil, which of course is the benchmark price for other grades of sour crude oil.

A beneficial feature on their webpage is the Education tab. In it is found the sections Academy (great videos for novice traders), Videos (advanced), and Ebooks.
Opening an account is free. The minimum deposit amount is USD200, EUR200, GBP200, AUD200, or CAD200 and may be made via credit cards , wire transfers, debit cards, and MoneyBookers. Withdrawals are made with the same methods. For the patient trader, there is no withdrawal fee for the first withdrawal of the month. Thereafter it will cost $30 until the beginning of the next month.

The minimum deposit is $200 and the minimum withdrawal is $30 if using MoneyBookers or a credit card.